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Adaptive Path took to heart a diabetic blogger’s call to action and designed a concept for a new device. Charmr is the result of 9 weeks of research into how to make diabetics’ lives easier. Make sure to follow the links in the post, as they explain the design process in detail.

Ira Glass

Ira Glass

If you don’t know who Ira Glass is, you need to go listen to the This American Life podcast right now. TAL is a public radio show with interesting stories about people, and it’s absolutely wonderful. For his 59mn show, the average listening time is 48mn — basically, most anyone who starts listening to it stays till the end. Each show gets around 1.7 million radio listeners, and an additional 250k podcast downloads.

Ira explained some of the philosophy behind the show, which is essentially to portray people “at a human scale” and show how interesting, quirky and fun life can be. He illustrated the value of good storytelling by telling us about Sheherazade and the Thousand and One Nights. There is no way this blog post can do justice to his performance, but suffice to say that the entire audience shivered at the end of the tale, and we were all very sad to see his talk interrupted as his time ran out. For me and most of the other attendees, this was the clear highlight of the conference.

[image by Blank Campbell]

Frog’s Leap Winery

Frog’s Leap Winery

John Williams is the founder of Frog’s Leap Winery, in Napa Valley. John told us the amazing tale of his winery, from his arrival in California with $40 in his pocket to his early embrace of organic winemaking. Among other things, he grows his grapes without chemicals and gets all his electricity from solar panels on his house.

John’s talk was full of great anecdotes (“all decisions made sober have to be revisited over a bottle of wine”), but was also an interesting account of how to build a unique business. Authenticity is an overused term, but John’s was the most genuine, honest talk I’ve seen in a while. I’ll most definitely be stopping by Frog’s Leap this summer and buying a case.

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is an amazing autistic artist. In this video, he draws a panorama of Rome from memory. For more details, I highly recommend reading Oliver Sacks’ book An Anthropologist on Mars, which has a chapter devoted to Stephen.

Scott Adams hacks his brain

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, managed to hack his brain to circumvent a rare illness called Spasmodic Dysphonia. A wonderful story that reminds us that we can solve a lot more of our own problems than we sometimes think. And he’s done this before.

Two good ads

Two great ads: one thoughtful for Dove, and one funny for Silva (marine navigation equipment).

Nike ads

The Nike ads on this page are truly fantastic.

The Magic of Soccer

In honor of the World Cup: The Magic of Soccer, a great video showcasing incredible ball handling skills. Speaking of which, my home team Sweden beat Paraguay 1-0 today!

Chased by the light

Photographer Jim Brandenburg spent 90 days in upper Minnesota and restricted himself to shooting exactly one picture a day – the result is Chased by the Light.