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Amazing bird shots

Picture 3

Today I bring you some amazing bird-shots, courtesy of my friend Diede. The first set includes the photo above, and comes from Andrew Zuckerman’s Bird book. The second set is all about kingfishers from National Geographic:

Picture 5

Eli Burakian’s nature shots

Picture 5

Eli Burakian has some beautiful nature shots on his site, many of them from around Dartmouth (where we both went to college). I particularly recommend his abstract gallery. Thanks Will for the recommendation!

Dust storm

These dust storm pictures from The Big Picture blog are stunning. This Flickr gallery also has a bunch of great shots. San Francisco looks like this most days, but unfortunately our fog is a dull grey.

99 colorful ballons

I’m certainly not the first to post these picture, but this balloon launch is AWESOME:

The largest mass ascent of hot air balloons took place recently at the biennial Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons rally in Chambley, France. Pilots from around the world lifted off in 329 balloons on 26 July.

Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss

This collection of pictures by Walter Iooss is just full of great shots (via Signal vs. Noise).

Clark Little

Clark Little has some great photographs of waves. Thanks to Tom Tunguz for the link.

Scenes from the zoo

Scenes from the zoo is full of adorable shots of baby animals from zoos around the world. The picture above is a bit different, but I love the texture. If you haven’t already, go subscribe to The Big Picture now.



OK, it’s time to start posting again. To get back into the habit, I’ll be posting some older links, so bear with me if you’ve already seen them.

To begin, an amazing gallery from National Geographic:

Many mobile nudibranchs—vulnerable as they move in daylight between feeding spots—announce their weapons with garish color designs, a palette millions of years in the making.

The gallery, and the article.

The Shoe Project

The Shoe Project

Ellen Ugelstad takes pictures of people and their shoes. Such a simple idea, such nice execution.