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99 colorful ballons

I’m certainly not the first to post these picture, but this balloon launch is AWESOME:

The largest mass ascent of hot air balloons took place recently at the biennial Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons rally in Chambley, France. Pilots from around the world lifted off in 329 balloons on 26 July.

Wireframe stories

I love these little wireframe stories.

Nathan Sawaya lego sculptures

Nathan Sawaya lego sculptures

I love Nathan Sawaya’s lego sculptures. Make sure you go through the gallery, and check out Nathan’s site for many more. When I was a kid, I wanted to build lego’s for a living — here’s someone who’s actually pulling it off!

Wimbledon meets Roland Garros

Tennis champions Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer recently played an exhibition match on a half-grass, half-clay court. Nadal won, but barely. What a fun idea!

Art from simple things

It’s amazing what talented artists can do with colored paper, pencils and food.

Ceramics for Breakfast-

DesignBoom has posted the results of their Ceramics for Breakfast competition. There are some really fun ideas among the first dozen — I particularly like the splashes and speech-bubbles.

Update: speaking of milk splashes, check out this picture.


You’ve got to love this Souvenirs photoproject.

My Penguin

Penguin is publishing My Penguin, a collection of books with blank covers to be decorated by the reader. Readers can submit their artwork to the online gallery. I love it.

50 best music videos of 2006

The 50 best music videos of 2006. What more is there to say.

The Lego Store

The Lego Store: imagine a store with thousands of legos sold by the piece. Oh, how I wish this had existed when I was a child!