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Xrez Gigapixel Images

Xrez specializes in gigapixel photography, and they’ve cleverly used the Google Maps API to show off their high-resolution panoramas.


The SawStop is a table saw with an amazing safety innovation: the blade automatically halts and retracts if it comes into contact with flesh, all within milliseconds. This video demonstrates the feature.

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Fork art

It’s amazing what you can do with ordinary forks. Remember: there is no spoon.

Update: Added the link! Thanks to Matthew Bartik, the artist, for pointing out this omission.

Fractal Shadows

Fractal Shadows

Shadows cast by pillars at a monument to Cosmonauts in Moscow, Russia. I’ve posted another picture of this monument. I had to majorly fix the levels on this one, as it was way too dark.


You’ve got to love this Souvenirs photoproject.

Is simplicity overrated?

Don Norman and Joel Spolsky think simplicity is overrated, which has led to a flood of responses. I highly recommend spending a few minutes exploring all of this, most of the posts are short and well worth reading. In summary:

I think what Joel is saying is that you need features, but they need to appear simple to the end users.


Watches at 10:08

Have you noticed that watches in advertisements are often set to 10:08?


Superlions of Botswana, an amazing story of evolutionary adaption. In the same vein, an article on the evolution of a lactose-tolerance gene in East Africa.

Jagged Steps

Jagged Steps

Shadow of the railing on steps, at a monastery outside of Moscow. Very little editing.

Don’t screw it up, nail it.

Who’d have thought you could design a better screw? Turns out you can. In fact, you can even design a better nail.