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Building the Brooklyn Bridge

The Makers of Things is a great ode to audacious engineering:

We are defined by what we build. It’s not just the engineering ambition that designed these structures, nor the 20 people who died building the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s that we believe we can and decide to act.

The Design of the Acropolis

The Design of the Acropolis

The Acropolis is full of thoughtful design details:

The columns of the Parthenon slope gently inward to correct the perspective when looking up at the temple that would otherwise make them appear to be crooked, leaning outward.

It’s almost too clever to be true.

Picture by Shelby Root

Fractal Shadows

Fractal Shadows

Shadows cast by pillars at a monument to Cosmonauts in Moscow, Russia. I’ve posted another picture of this monument. I had to majorly fix the levels on this one, as it was way too dark.

Dubai in the fog

Dubai in the fog is a beautiful set of photographs.

Pearl River Tower

Pearl River Tower is an amazing eco-smart building that consumes 40% less energy than a typical skyscraper.

Moscow Subway, again.

Amazing pictures of the Moscow subway tunnels. I love the lines and textures. I previously linked to pictures of the stations

Sunshine ceiling

Sunshine ceiling

The ceiling of the international terminal at Logan Airport, Boston. Unedited version. In other news, I have several more good shots from the Seattle library, and a bunch from my holiday in Sweden. So much to post, so little time…

Deep Inside

Joe Nishizawa’s Deep Inside is a collection of great photographs of underground industrial facilities in Japan.