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Face to Face

Face to Face

Two colorful boats in Venice, Spring 2005. Unedited version.

Flight patterns

Beautiful visualizations of flight patterns across the US.

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins on TedTalks explains how our size affects our model of the world. One idea that particularly struck me is that something as fundamental as the concept of “solid” might simply be a useful interpretation, biologically evolved. If you’re not doing so already, do yourself a favor and watch all the TedTalks — they’re solid gold.

Stain cup

The Stain cup uses coffee stains as decoration rather than degradation. Diego Rodriguez has written before on designing with aging in mind.

Fun with coins

My friend Clay clearly has too much time on his hands: he’s making awesome art with pennies. Turns out that pennies get darker over time, so with a sufficient collection you can create an image. He also knows how to draw Guernica. More fun with coins.

The internal combustion engine

Video about how an internal combustion works. The wonders of technology!

Roses and light

Roses and light

Ceiling lamp in Gaudi’s “La Pedrera”, Barcelona. Unedited version.

Dubai in the fog

Dubai in the fog is a beautiful set of photographs.

The Expert Mind

Following up on my Myth of the Prodigy link, here is an interesting article on the Expert Mind.


De-Pong: pong played on the facade of a building with windows as obstacles. Fun stuff.