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What is a moment?

What is a moment? Here’s one answer from the excellent science podcast Radiolab:

So simple, so plain, so beautiful. Via Jonah Lehrer’s equally excellent blog The Frontal Cortex.

PS: Is the soundtrack by Sigur Ros? It reminds me of Heima. Shazam won’t recognize it…

Okinawa Aquarium

I’m not big on keeping animals in captivity, but this is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and watch this in HD, fullscreen:

via Kottke

Deadline on a post-it

DEADLINE is a fun stop-motion animation using post-its. My first thought was “wow, that must have taken a long time to make”. Then I realized it was a senior thesis project. Ah, college…

Update: the making-of is super cool too. Thanks to Eduardo for spotting this and posting in the comments.

Breaking wave in HD

Amazing video of a breaking wave. Click through to watch it in HD. (via Kottke)

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Compression artefacts

Chairlift Utensil

This music video uses compression artefacts for stunning effect. I would embed it, but you really have to see it in HD. This is more creative than 99% of the video art I’ve ever seen in museums.

Pixel videos

Pixel videos

Many of you will have seen The White Stripes’ brilliant video made out of legos. Here’s another clever pixelated video, this time with dice:

In related news, Beck also made a cool ASCII-art video.

Some creative music videos

Some creative music videos

I rarely post music videos, but I collected a few creative ones: Justice’s Dance, Shit Disco’s OK, and finally Max Tyrie’s hand made Modest Mouse video:

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Tech support

This tech support video highlights some usability problems with a common product.

Roddick vs. Pong

I’ve been posting less advertising recently, but Roddick vs. Pong for American Express is absolutely brilliant.