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Confusion rug

This rug is hilarious, thanks Amit! I wish it were for sale… though I suppose it’s easy enough to make.

Incidentally, Amit started the excellent Photojojo site and store. If you’re into photography, I recommend checking it out.

The Shoe Project

The Shoe Project

Ellen Ugelstad takes pictures of people and their shoes. Such a simple idea, such nice execution.

Bulb face

Bulb face

A light in Design Within Reach — one of those moments where the picture just jumps out at you. Cropped.

Songs To Wear Pants To

Songs To Wear Pants To

The highlight of the first session of GEL was Andrew, the composer/songwriter/artist behind www.songstowearpantsto.com. People send him goofy song requests, such as “a song about snails who eat people”, and he creates the ones that most inspire him. Andrew’s presentation was basically just a collection of his favorite songs, but his amazing musical range, wicked sense of humour and contagious enthusiasm totally won the crowd over. Besides, who can resist a song called “Reverse Escargot”.

Tech support

This tech support video highlights some usability problems with a common product.

Roddick vs. Pong

I’ve been posting less advertising recently, but Roddick vs. Pong for American Express is absolutely brilliant.

Liquid costs

The costs of various liquids, from oil to printer ink. Frightening.


Disco, a new OS X app, quite literally burns your CD. A brilliant touch.

Funny innovations

Regular household objects cleverly repurposed. Very creative!

Updated to link to the actual website of the book, rather than a blog.

Two good ads

Two great ads: one thoughtful for Dove, and one funny for Silva (marine navigation equipment).