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Embrace the blur

I recently subscribed to JPG Magazine, a photo magazine that publishes its readers’ pictures. On a whim, I submitted a photo for their upcoming issue. Your vote would be much appreciated, should you so please — but don’t linger, there are only four days left!

Update: Matt comments that the javascript widget doesn’t show up in feed readers, so here’s a direct link to my photo.



Lights in the rigging of a tall ship. This is almost straight from the camera.

JSG Boggs

JSG Boggs makes his own banknotes and sells them at face value to unsuspecting strangers. The bills can then be resold at a much higher price. More info on Wikipedia.

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via: My friend Ariel
More Disco

Earlier this month, I posted about Disco. My coworker Mihai pointed out that Disco was a bit overhyped, and it appears he’s not the only one who thinks that beta is not an excuse. I still think the smoke effect is pretty cool.


A great composite picture of flights leaving an airport.

Comic Book Room

This German art hotel has a wonderful comic book room. Make sure to check out their other rooms too — I really need to stay in one of these someday.

Also, my apologies for the absence of posts last week. I got a cold and needed to catch up on sleep. Links will resume again tomorrow. -Nick

Old Street

Old Street

A nice yellow car on Old Street, in St Maarten. Unedited version.

Alzheimer’s and Art

The effects of Alzheimer’s on an artist’s work. For more details, read the accompanying article. Also, this is a New York Times article, so the link may become available at some point. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about that.

Cat’s tongue.

What does a cat’s tongue look like up close? Click the link to find out…

Update: turns out this shot won 1st place in the Animals and Nature category of Digital Camera Magazine’s Photographer of the Year contest, where you’ll find lots of other amazing pictures.