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Folds on a sheet of paper

Simon Schubert creates beautiful art with a few folds on a sheet of paper (thanks Braden!).

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Breaking wave in HD

Amazing video of a breaking wave. Click through to watch it in HD. (via Kottke)

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Retail rainbows

It’s been a while since I posted a picture, so here are is a matching pair.

Rainbow Shirts

Rainbow Books

Both of these were taken in stores in San Francisco. I can’t remember where I found the books, but the shirts are from American Rag Cie, where you can find awesome second-hand clothes from the seventies.

Long-exposure of a Roomba’s path

My friend Noah links to this awesome long-exposure shot of a Roomba’s path.

This illustrates nicely the design insight that made the Roomba successful. Electrolux has a competing robotic vacuum, the Trilobite. It has a sophisticated on-board computer to optimize its path through a room. And yet, at close to $2000, its more of a design demo than a viable commercial product.

iRobot on the other hand (the makers of the Roomba) realized that it wasn’t a big deal if the robot was inefficient. They made a “dumb” robot, that worked its way haphazardly around the room. And by doing so, they got the price down to a couple of hundred dollars.

Guess who was more successful? The Trilobite might be a better vacuum, but the Roomba offers better value. Which reminds me; I need to use my Roomba for more than party entertainment (sadly, I haven’t been too impressed by its performance…).

Bathroom art

Brillo Bathroom

Someday, I want a bathroom with creative tile art.

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Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan makes really interesting art out of commonplace objects such as straws, plastic cups, or in this case, pencils. Thanks to my brother Andreas for this link!

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50 Cars = 1 Bus

Great ad for Stockholm’s Airport Buses to show that 50 Cars = 1 Bus. Make sure you watch the YouTube video at the bottom. Thanks Tom!