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New Google Reader!

New Google Reader!

I can finally let you all know why my posting has been so erratic for the last month. While the move to San Francisco certainly had its effect, it’s mainly work that’s been keeping me busy. And today, I’m glad to announce the launch of the new interface for Google Reader!

A fair number of you already read this blog via a feed reader, and I think you’ll really like this new version. For the rest of you, I highly recommend giving Google Reader a try. Google Reader helps you keep track of the sites that interest you, and we’ve focused on making it as easy to use as possible. It also comes with neat sharing functionality: check out my public page. Here’s how one of our engineers explains what Google Reader can do for you:

So give it a try, and let me know what you think!

In other good news, regular posting will now resume. I have a ton of great links saved up for you!

GM advertising

Which GM ad do you prefer: 1963 Chevrolets or 2006′s Then Again, Now Again? I like them both.

Font porn

Ooh, pretty fonts

Matching Pantone

The Matching Pantone Flickr set is hilariously brilliant (if you’re into design, that is).

Thomas Weinberger

Thomas Weinberger’s great pictures come from combining two shots of the same place, one taken during the day, and one taken at night.

Hungry for design

Chefs around the world are coming up with some beautiful and original food designs. This article on Chinese cuisine has some interesting comments on the role innovation and culture in food appreciation. While we’re on the topic of food, Caroline Noordijk has designed some great looking knives.

2D drawings in 3D

A seemingly very intuitive interface for drawing 3D models in 2D.

Nike ads

The Nike ads on this page are truly fantastic.

The nap button

A very well-designed alarm clock that includes a clever nap button, to wake up in a set number of minutes. Pity it’s so ugly, or else I’d buy one.