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Cannes Lion winners

The Cannes Lions site has posted this year’s winners. Go ahead, waste an afternoon watching brilliant commercials from around the world.

Hangzhou tea house

A great photo-essay from the NYT about a Tea House in Hangzhou.

Clever design solution from Firefox

I don’t usually post geeky stuff, but this article details how Firefox cleverly circumvented a security hazard. Great design!

History of the button

The History of the Button blog has a bunch of good posts about this common design element, including this one on the fake crosswalk buttons in NYC and this one on a really cool new peripheral (watch the video).

Renewable energy

MIT has a really ambitious research underway for renewable energies. Speaking of which, these solar towers look really promising. Of course, all of this could be a moot point if these guys are legit.

Moviestars and movie revenues

The NYT on whether movie stars impact movie revenues. The answer seems to be no.

Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen’s paper art is really beautiful and imaginative.

That is because you crazy

That is because you crazy, a great ad for Ikea.

Library pictures

Great series of library pictures.

Schneier on liquid terror

Bruce Schneier has an interesting and intelligent take on the British liquid-bomb plot, namely that our reaction is causing nearly as much fear and disruption as an attack would have.