OK, it’s time to start posting again. To get back into the habit, I’ll be posting some older links, so bear with me if you’ve already seen them.

To begin, an amazing gallery from National Geographic:

Many mobile nudibranchs—vulnerable as they move in daylight between feeding spots—announce their weapons with garish color designs, a palette millions of years in the making.

The gallery, and the article.



Thanks for putting up this post of the Nudibranchs. When I would dive I loved to search out the Spanish Shall off Catalina Island or in the kelp forest of Point Loma. Point Loma has a wonderful verity of Nudibranchs.

Somewhere in my archives I have some night video footage of a Spanish Dancer doing its dance in mid-water column at night in Hawaii.


by Kirk
8-20-5:41 AM

Nice! I’ve never seen them, but I’ll sure keep an eye out for them next time I go diving.

8-20-7:09 AM

- Being a product manager at Google = GREAT SUCCESS!
- Improving your wardrobe (e.g. non-iron shirts) and accessories (e.g. sunglasses) = GREAT SUCCESS!
- Spending tons of money at expensive restaurants = GREAT SUCCESS!
- Growing a retro Beatles haircut = GREAT SUCCESS!
- Keeping a blog = EPIC FAIL.

Start posting.
- Little brother

by Andreas
9-9-2:21 PM

While the Nudibranchs are very cool looking with their bright, vibrant colors, I was really expecting to see more naked people standing in front of the local branch office of a national bank. Or maybe naked people at branch office very near a nude beach.

9-10-10:22 AM

WTF Mate… Not even an election comment?

by Andreas
11-5-3:30 PM