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Eli Burakian’s nature shots

Picture 5

Eli Burakian has some beautiful nature shots on his site, many of them from around Dartmouth (where we both went to college). I particularly recommend his abstract gallery. Thanks Will for the recommendation!

Gyrobike, take 2

Remember the Gyrobike I blogged about a few months back? Well I happened to meet Nathan Sigworth, one of the designers, while recruiting at Dartmouth. Turns out they’ve just won a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award! Sweet.

Caution Falling Ice

Caution Falling Ice

Taken at Dartmouth in March of 2005. Here is the unprocessed version.

Detecting fake art

Hany Farid is devising algorithms to detect fake art. Hany was a prof at Dartmouth while I was there, in fact I seriously thought about doing a thesis with him.