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Andrej Belic underwater photography

Andrej Belic has some good underwater photography, but his background picture is particularly stunning.

Design of the eye

The human eye – a great example of iterative design, as explained in this video on how it might have evolved from simple light-sensitive cells. Oops, there goes another intelligent design ‘argument’…

Nintendo is betting that a novel controller and lower costs for game design will be the success of its upcoming Wii console, rather than the high-end technology and home theater capabilities their competitors are focusing on. I like that – rather do one thing well than many things poorly.

Visual Complexity

Visual Complexity is a compendium of complex data visualizations.


The Gyrobike uses a spinning flywheel instead of training wheels to help kids learn how to bike. Very clever… and invented by undergraduates at Dartmouth! (my alma mater, in case you haven’t read the about section)

Cheap 3D capture

NextEngine has created a very cool, and relatively affordable, 3D capture device that interfaces with SolidWorks. Be sure to check out the video.


Exactitudes explores issues of identity by photographing people grouped by dress code.

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Visual bach

This kind of data visualization really makes you appreciate the complexity of Bach’s music.

I am neither especially clever, nor especially gifted, just very, very curious.

Real life Mario

Real life Mario is a bit too long at 8mn, but oh so funny.