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Smirnoff ads

A collection of Smirnoff ads.

Renaissance Trailer

A couple of trailers for the French movie Renaissance. Very cool SinCity-esque animation.

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Are software patents evil? Paul Graham thinks the question is irrelevant.



And so the photoblogging begins…
This is a street lamp somewhere in Cyprus, around dusk. It was taken with my point-and-shoot digital camera – at some point I hope to include the actual EXIF data in these posts.


The MediVest is a combination vest and first aid kit for medical professionals, created by Australian design student Maria Raciti.

New words for 2006. Amusing.

Apple Patent on virtual surround sound

Apple patent on virtual surround sound. Imagine an iPod Hi-Fi that would instantly provide surround sound when you placed it in a room.

Skier jumps off 245 foot cliff

Skier Jamie Pierre jumped off a 245 foot cliff. Insane.


Aerogel is the lightest solid known to man, and has lots of other cool properties to boot.

Chinese names

In China, parents must now select their child’s name from a limited list. This policy was put in place to limit names with obscure characters that do not play well with computer systems – very interesting. (disclaimer: I have no idea what the characters above mean)

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