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A new photoblog

A new photoblog

My friend Diede van Lamoen has finally started posting pictures at lamoen.com. Check out some great shots from his adventure travels around the world.

PS: Diede, please fix the RSS feed so it includes the pictures. C’mon, you were a CS major!

Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet has previously been recognized for his striking aerial shots. Recently, he’s been trying out a new technique: using tilt-shift lenses to photograph sports events. Tilt-shift lenses produce a very narrow plain of focus, which make the world look like a scale model. Very cool.

Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky creates beautiful large-scale photographs. The supermarket shot above happens to be most expensive photo in history, at $3.3 million. Phew!

Salignac pictures

The first picture in this set of photographs by Eugene de Salignac is absolutely stunning.

Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan

More from the GEL conference:

Chris Jordan quit his job as a corporate lawyer to take high resolution pictures of huge piles of garbage. In his words, we have access to the good information about our consumption (through commercials, noticeable quality of life improvements, etc.) but we can’t see the cumulative, negative effects of this consumption. Chris’ goal is to make people aware of this waste … though one of my friends commented that the pictures were so beautiful, one might conclude that the trash is a good thing after all!

He also creates very large-scale composites that illustrate various statistics about the environment and the world. Raw data is emotionally meaningless; these pictures make statistics “visible”. I like these pictures less, but a worthwhile message and neat idea nonetheless

Cara Barer

I love Cara Barer’s photos of wet books.

Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk has a really interesting take on war photography. This interview provides some more background on his work.

I can either scrape in there on my belly, wearing camo, and sneak around; or I can stand right there in front, wearing a shirt that says, you know, Don’t shoot me. I’m a dick.

Zach Tatum

Zach Tatum has a collection of really stunning photographs… and he’s still in highschool. Very impressive.

Stereographic projections

Stereographic projection is a really interesting way to display panoramas. Also see the Wee Planets photoset, as well as some more info about panoramic projections.

Route 66

Ken Rockwell has posted some nice shots of Route 66 … nice enough to excuse his blatant abuse of the wide-angle ‘wow’ effect!