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Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk has a really interesting take on war photography. This interview provides some more background on his work.

I can either scrape in there on my belly, wearing camo, and sneak around; or I can stand right there in front, wearing a shirt that says, you know, Don’t shoot me. I’m a dick.

Route 66

Ken Rockwell has posted some nice shots of Route 66 … nice enough to excuse his blatant abuse of the wide-angle ‘wow’ effect!

Red Shed

Red Shed

A boathouse in Dalarö, Sweden. Taken with my point & shoot, with no post-processing at all.

Aerial photographs

Collection of aerial photographs.

Delaware River @ Durham Township

Kathleen from A Walk Through Durham Township always takes fantastic shots, like this picture of the Delaware river. I’ll occasionally post links to the various photoblogs I read, when I particularly like a shot.