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BMW autopark

BMW has developed a car that can parallel park on its own. I could see how that would be convenient!

Sweden takes Gold in Men’s Hockey

In other news, Sweden won the Olympic Gold in Men’s Hockey. They beat Finland 3-2 in a very exciting game – Heja Sverige!

National Breakdancing Finals

National Breakdancing Finals

The Out For Fame National Finals were in SF last night, and a few of us went in to see them. Organized by a group called Mighty 4, this event determines which US breakdancing team gets to compete in Battle Of The Year (the world championship).

Needless to say, we saw some phenomenal performances. Rythm, flexibility, strength – these guys have pretty amazing skills. It’s also a ton of fun to see how the battles play out, with a lot of bravado and theatrics. My friend Kwasi from College was in Sheba, Dartmouth’s hip-hop troupe, so he actually made a good showing in some of the side battles, popping and locking and waving and what not. There were some great dancers there, and he was totally up to their level. Mike and I, on the other hand, were the only guys in the audience wearing shirts and sweaters. Strong work.

We ended the evening at Medjool, a mediterranean restaurant on Mission Street, with tasty food and a hip atmosphere.

(PS: the above picture pretty much establishes that my cameraphone is useless)

Vee-Dub in the House

Vee-Dub, Crispin Porter + Boguski’s latest ad campaign for Volkswagen, is hilarious. CPB is the agency responsible among other things for Burger King’s and Mini’s recent advertising (although they fired Mini to take on VW).

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is one of the best products I’ve seen lately. Basically it’s a tent impregnated with cement: cost-effective to deliver, ridiculously easy to install, and durable once built. This invention will definitely help third-world relief efforts, and has won a bunch of award including the $100000 Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas. For more, read this article from Wired News., an interactive exploration of how retouchers modify photographs for publication. Ah, youv’e got to love Photoshop!

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Super Vision

PixelOptics, a company from Virginia, is working on giving us Super Vision. Better than 20/20 eyesight, this could theoretically allow someone to see twice as far as before.

Apple Keynote Bloopers

Apple Keynote Bloopers, a video of keynotes gone awry…

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