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A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.

An article from the BBC about our perception of time. It suggests that time actually does ‘slow down’ when something dangerous is happening (although another way to interpret the experiment is to say that our senses are heightened, which sounds much less spectacular).

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Aperture is a really cool project by Frédéric Eyl and Gunnar Green, of the University of the Arts Berlin. Basically it’s a giant reactive wall built of hundreds of photosensitive diaphragms. It’s only a concept and some early prototypes at this point, but be sure to check out the video.

Yet another folding chair

About Face. This folding chair is really clever. Who would have thought you could come up with something new in folding chair design?

Google Page Creator

Today some of my friends from work launched Google Page Creator. If you haven’t signed up already, it’s probably too late as I think they’ve limited the number of accounts for now, but basically it’s a super-slick ajaxy web page editor. Congrats to them for creating an awesome product!

Malcolm Gladwell finally has a blog! Gladwell is one of my favorite authors; I highly recommend reading his book ‘The Tipping Point‘. He also came to speak at Google a few months ago, and his talk was really casual and interesting – he was very much like I expected him to be. You can count on seeing regular links to his articles in the coming months.

Nada Surf concert and posting frequency

Nada Surf concert and posting frequency

Today was real busy, so I haven’t been able to put up too many links for you guys. Fear not however, because I have a bunch of good ones saved up. In general, I’m going to try and post something every day (the day ending when I go to sleep), but I offer no guarantees whatsoever. On a separate note, I just got back from the Nada Surf concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco, which is an awesome venue. The highlight of the evening was actually the opening band Rogue Wave, from Oakland. Worth listening to if you get a chance!

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Western Union ad

This ad for Western Union money transfers by Saatchi & Saatchi is brilliantly simple.

IBM’s speech recognition technology. Speech recognition has been steadily improving and is finally starting to become usable. My favorite example: my friend can tell his Prius “I’m hungry”, and it will show him the restaurants in the area.