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Nature Mill home composter

The Nature Mill home composter is a brilliant invention. This interview with their President Russ Cohn gives fascinating details on their recent design improvements.

iBar interactive countertop

The iBar is a cool interactive countertop.

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Nice pictures

A couple of nice pictures: a fire and a fantastic eclipse.

New fonts in Windows Vista

New fonts for Windows Vista. Speaking of Microsoft and fonts, their ClearType technology is really clever (OS X’s font smoothing is basically the same thing, and of course the debate rages as to which one is better).

Volvo self-parking car

A self-parking car from Volvo.

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Economist letter of the week

Economist letter of the week

SIR – Please do not ever mention George Bush. And Winston Churchill in the same sentence again, even if you must break all the rules of grammar to do so.

Steve Pettit

Yet another article on simple phones. Among other things, it demonstrates that the carriers are still missing the point, by conflating simplicity and personalization – one click ringtone customization has done nothing to simplify my phone.

No more posts this weekend

No more posts this weekend, going to Yosemite. Back on Tuesday.

MIT $100 laptop

First pictures of MIT’s $100 laptop. See the official site for more info, as well as this fascinating article on its design.