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Guardian G24

UK newspaper The Guardian has launched a service that allows users to print a version of the paper updated every 15 minutes. This is a really cool concept. While I read most of my news online, there are still so many situations where paper is preferable: breakfast, the commute, the beach… If in addition the printout were personalized to my particular interests, this could kill the daily newspaper as we know it.

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Flickr Related Tags

This Flickr Related Tags browser is a really neat way to explore images. Speaking of which, their Interestingness Feed is the best photo feed I’ve found in a while.

Mike Slack

While it struck me as plain at first, Mike Slack’s photography has really grown on me. He has a great eye for seeing the beautiful in the ordinary. His site is also interesting in that it forces you to view the pictures as a slideshow. While websites usually let the user control the pace, he gives me no choice but to pay attention lest I miss something.

New basketballs

Spalding redesigns the basketball for better grip and consistency.

Clifford Ross

Clifford Ross has some great photographs of waves. Clifford’s camera is pretty neat too.


Audiosticks are a nice design exploration of what might replace the cd-album in the digital age. While this particular concept is unlikely to take off (no real advantages over a CD), the project certainly asks the right questions.

Reverse colorblind test

The reverse colorblindness test uses pictures that are only discernable to colorblind people. While we’re on the topic, this article describes color blind image correction, or how to help color blind people see images better.

Great pictures of animals from Honduras, by Dan Pupius (one of my coworkers).

Trekinetic Wheelchair

The Trekinetic Wheelchair is a really nice redesign of the wheelchair, particularly well-suited for outdoor activities.