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Eos Airlines

Eos Airlines is an airline with only business class seats. Read the article in BusinessWeek. It’ll be interesting to find out if there is enough demand for this sort of service. If so, founder Dave Spurlock would be in luck, having established a premium brand serving reliable and relatively price-insensitive customers.

Industrial Facility

Industrial Facility has designed a bunch of nice products.

RyanAir wants to make flying free

RyanAir wants to make flying free. See also this fascinating article about the economics behind RyanAir.

The Business of Tea

Fun article about what’s behind the success of The Republic of Tea.

Dabble DB

Dabble DB is a new web app to manage spreadsheets and databases. Looks promising.


FlySpy seems like it will be a very cool new online travel site.


Wufoo is a startup that wants to ease the creation of web forms. While I agree that form design is a pain-point and could use some standard tools, this really strikes me as something that should be an (open-source) library rather than a full company.


Mailroom, innovative mail client for small businesses.

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TuneCore acts as an intermediary between iTunes, Rhapsody and independent artists, easing the process of putting music up for sale. They charge posting fees and a yearly maintenance fee, but the artist gets all the profits and retains all the rights. Not a bad business model.