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My Penguin

Penguin is publishing My Penguin, a collection of books with blank covers to be decorated by the reader. Readers can submit their artwork to the online gallery. I love it.

50 best music videos of 2006

The 50 best music videos of 2006. What more is there to say.

Liquid costs

The costs of various liquids, from oil to printer ink. Frightening.


Blurs is a cool photoproject.

Starbuck’s mugs

Terrapass thinks Starbucks should shift to ceramic mugs. While I think the brand argument is a good one, the table-turnover point blatantly ignores the customer’s needs. Of course, ultimately it probably comes down to the cost calculation. In other news, Starbucks has put a substantial amount of effort in designing a cup with recycled materials.


ZipScribble is a nice visualization of US zip-codes.

Is it useful? Probably not. But it sure is surprising and interesting, rather like a fractal image.


James Surowiecki from The New Yorker comments on how Nintendo may be winning the console wars by taking third place. Also of interest, an article about the design of the Wii and an interview with the designers. I never, ever, play video games… and yet I have a strange urge to buy one of these.

The Lego Store

The Lego Store: imagine a store with thousands of legos sold by the piece. Oh, how I wish this had existed when I was a child!


Duncan Wilson and Sirrka Hammer’s PixelNotes is a great concept: cover a wall with multiple layers of sticky-notes, and watch the patterns emerge.

Clever packaging

Some examples of clever packaging over at Pulse Laser.