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The iDeck is an attempt to revive album art in the digital age. I would definitely buy one of these if they were ever produced.

Starry Night

Starry Night

Another shot from the Seattle Public Library. Unedited version.

A good technical article explaining how more megapixels might actually make you worse off. My buddy’s 3MP DSLR took consistently better pictures than a 6MP point and shoot.

Light Side Up

A fantastic prank. Just watch it.

Wufoo again

Wufoo, the web-form solution I skeptically linked to a few months back, has quickly developed into a useful product. For a quick intro, read their FAQ.

Reinventing the mail client

Reinventing the mail client describes some novel approaches to organizing and displaying email. I really like the person-centric one (see picture) but feel that (a) the lists should be automatically constructed and (b) purely sorting per person is too simple an algorithm.

Rock Balancing

While the pictures may be mediocre, this video of rock balancing in practice is really cool. I first found out about this art through the works of Andy Goldsworthy. One of my favorite artists, he does amazing things with what nature gives him.

Shelter in a Cart

The results of DesignBoom’s Shelter in a Cart competition are up. A lot of good work here (although I’m not totally convinced by their choice of winners).

Tesla Roadster

The big news of the day is of course the launch of the Tesla Roadster, the first electric sportscar. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks – apparently they poached a lot of people from Lotus for the design. Check out Autoblog’s video and write-up. I bet I’ll see a few of these at Google when they become publicly available (mid 2007).



I was in Seattle this past weekend, and I got a chance to check out their new public library. The building is fantastic – for more on the design see this speech by architect Joshua Prince Ramus over at TED Talks. Also, here’s the unedited version of this shot.