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Superlions of Botswana, an amazing story of evolutionary adaption. In the same vein, an article on the evolution of a lactose-tolerance gene in East Africa.


Lot’s of aurora pictures: timelapse, from space, with a volcano.

Volcanic smoke-rings

The BBC has some amazing pictures of volcanic smoke-rings blown by Mount Etna in Sicily.



In the past months, I have come across no less than two articles on Biomimicry entitled Nature’s Design Workshop: MSNBC and more recently BusinessWeek (make sure you watch the slideshow).

Researcher Promode Bandyopadhyay has a very interesting quote:

I am against mimicry. I am against making a mechanical zoo. There is no science in that. It is imperative to understand the science first.

Nature is great at finding a solution to a very particular problem within a precise set of environmental constraints. The researcher’s role is to understand how nature’s solution works and to generalize it to other applications. Combine nature’s adeptness at finding efficient, sustainable solutions with our ability for abstract thinking and we get some of the very best engineering around.

For those not familiar with the term, the Biomimicry Institute gives the following definition:

Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is a new science that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.

Their website has a good introduction to the concept, and a bunch of interesting case studies.

Clifford Ross

Clifford Ross has some great photographs of waves. Clifford’s camera is pretty neat too.

Great pictures of animals from Honduras, by Dan Pupius (one of my coworkers).

Fire rainbow

Really cool picture from National Geographic of a strange rainbow phenomenon called a circumhorizontal arc.

Storm pictures

Awesome storm pictures look like they’re straight out of a movie.