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Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan makes really interesting art out of commonplace objects such as straws, plastic cups, or in this case, pencils. Thanks to my brother Andreas for this link!

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Todd Hido

Todd Hido

A simple idea: photograph through your windshield on a stormy day, and you get Todd Hido’s lovely landscapes (click on photos).

Now showing at SFMoma

Last Friday, I went to see the opening of the new William Kentridge exhibit at SFMoma. I didn’t find very much of his work aesthetically pleasing – a lot of it is quite creepy – but it’s worth seeing for the sheer creativity of it all. His videos remind me of this crazy animated graffiti:

A couple of other pieces currently on display caught my attention. I love the contrast between the crispness of the hair and the soft blur of the background in Off The Diagonal, Buenos Aires by Leo Rubinfien:

And Tauba Auerbach’s Crumple part of the 2008 SECA award,  becomes no more than a bunch of dizzying black dots when seen up close.

I want this in my living room.

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Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze creates meticulous installations from ordinary objects. I saw one of her pieces at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art a few months ago, and they’re amazing.

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Damian Ortega

damian ortega

Damian Ortega’s Champ de Vision (Field of Vision) installation was the highlight of my visit to the Musée Pompidou last Fall. You can see above that it’s beautiful; follow the link to find out why it’s also very clever.

Damian Ortega is previously known for his Exploded Beetle.

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Compression artefacts

Chairlift Utensil

This music video uses compression artefacts for stunning effect. I would embed it, but you really have to see it in HD. This is more creative than 99% of the video art I’ve ever seen in museums.

The Shoe Project

The Shoe Project

Ellen Ugelstad takes pictures of people and their shoes. Such a simple idea, such nice execution.



Photographer Myoung Ho Lee takes pictures of trees separated from their background by a white backdrop. Neat idea.

On a separate note, I know I haven’t been posting lately. Things have been busy at work, but I’m going to try posting more often.

Pixel videos

Pixel videos

Many of you will have seen The White Stripes’ brilliant video made out of legos. Here’s another clever pixelated video, this time with dice:

In related news, Beck also made a cool ASCII-art video.