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Scenes from the zoo

Scenes from the zoo is full of adorable shots of baby animals from zoos around the world. The picture above is a bit different, but I love the texture. If you haven’t already, go subscribe to The Big Picture now.

Todd Hido

Todd Hido

A simple idea: photograph through your windshield on a stormy day, and you get Todd Hido’s lovely landscapes (click on photos).

iPhone pictures

Just for fun, here are some pictures taken with my iPhone camera. Some of them are quite noisy (they really need to improve the camera), but I like them nonetheless.

Red Alert






Tanzania pictures

It’s taken me 4 years, but I finally got around to posting the pictures from my trip to Tanzania. I’ve included a little preview below, but I encourage you to check out the full collection.

At the top of Kilimanjaro





And finally, make sure you see this one in full size:

The summit of Kilimanjaro

Nice Shoes

Nice shoes!

I love these shoes, which I got in Amsterdam last year. The floor is from the MOMA, I guess that’s pretty cool too :)

Treasure Island Photo Safari

This weekend I attended Photojojo’s photo safari on Treasure Island. Here are the results:


Control Valve

Rust Stripes

Push Off



Grass stripe

Turns out there’s a lot of good material out there, so I’ll probably head back and shoot some more!



OK, it’s time to start posting again. To get back into the habit, I’ll be posting some older links, so bear with me if you’ve already seen them.

To begin, an amazing gallery from National Geographic:

Many mobile nudibranchs—vulnerable as they move in daylight between feeding spots—announce their weapons with garish color designs, a palette millions of years in the making.

The gallery, and the article.

Yellow Garage

Yellow Garage

A garage door in the Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco.

Prayers in Red

Prayers in Red

This is from my trip to Shanghai and Cambodia in the Spring of 2007, and is pretty much straight out of the camera.