Miracle Berries

Miracle Berries

PSFK points us to this WSJ article about Miracle Berries, which make everything sour taste sweet:

Within minutes of consuming the berries, guests were devouring lime wedges as if they were candy. Straight lemon juice went down like lemonade, and goat cheese tasted as if it was “covered in powdered sugar,” said one astonished partygoer.

Jacob Grier and David Barzelay post their personal accounts of the experience, and The Guardian highlights its use for diets in Japan. For a lot more information, check out this history of the miracle berry.

This is without doubt the most amazing thing I’ve heard in the last few months. I clearly have to organize a miracle berry party at some point. It also makes me wonder how many other fantastic plants we don’t know about yet…

PS: here’s a link to the WSJ version of the article, but it will expire in the coming days. Doh!

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The WSJ version did expire. Here’s a link to the same article on AOL Money.


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